vanOrange records is Ottawa's online independent record label. Some of our artists include: John Akpata,
Antizario, Capital Poetry Collective, Philippe Khoubesserian, The Sonic Defense, Capital Slam,
Ritallin, Billy Ruffian, DJ Morales, Rob Pelletier, Danielle Gregoire, and more...
Supporting local talented artists and musicians in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
vanOrange orangevan van Orange records - Ottawa Indie Record Label.
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    vanörange records is an indie label, conceived by musicians and recording engineers, that helps performance artists and other musicians with the production process.

    We will help supply the tools needed to guide the artist from the pre-production and arranging stages of a project, through the recording and post production stages, to the duplication and distribution of the final product.
    Whether the goal is to promote an EP, full length album, or a DVD, vanörange understands the need to be creative in today’s market. Online sales are our primary mode of distribution. We recognize that, besides the sale of merchandise after a live show, online sales are the best way to keep overhead costs down and therefore offer more to the artist.

    Our focus on the local independent Ottawa scene has expanded. We now target stores that continue to serve as direct niche outlets for independent artists in major cities across Canada.
"It's Great To Be Fine"

John Akpata

John Akpata
Capital Poetry Collective
"Live at Capital Slam"

Live at Capital Slam 2012
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