Capital Poetry Collective - Ottawa's Spoken Word Poetry Slam. CD Audio. Capital Slam is the second longest running slam poetry series in Canada.
Some of our CDs include: Live At Capital Slam 2011, Live at Capital Slam 2005, more... Supporting local talented poets in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Audio clips from OpenSecret, Ian Keteku, Marcus Jameel, Kevin Matthews, John Akpata, Nathanael Larochette feat. Raphael Weinroth-Browne, and Jim Thomas.
MP3 Clips: On Music, Nigeria, Laptop Love, Welcome to the Land, Coffee Bean, Talking Tea, Slept Like a Baby.
Capital Slam 2011
Capital Poetry Collective
CPC's seventh consecutive live spoken word recording.
Artists include: Poetic Speed, PrufRock, Vanessa Baker, ArRay-of-WoRds,
Sean O'Gorman, Rusty Priske, Sense-Say, and many more.
Also includes a performance by Nathanael Larochette feat. Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello)
Capital Slam 2010
Capital Poetry Collective
The 2010 recording of Live at Capital Slam includes all members of the 2010 Canadian Slam Championship team! -
Chris Tse, Open Secret, PrufRock, John Akpata, and Brandon Wint.
Also includes the Ottawa debuts of Truth Is and Rob Gee
Capital Slam 2009
Capital Poetry Collective
The 2009 recording of Live at Capital Slam includes all members of the 2009 Canadian Slam Championship team -
Ian Keteku, Open Secret, Poetic Speed, Brandon Wint and Rusty Priske! Includes the return of Ritallin and the debuts of Prufrock, Brad Morden and more!
Capital Slam 2008
Capital Poetry Collective
CPC's newest live spoken word recording.
Debute recording for Marcus Jameel, Open Secret, and Bart Cormier. Other artists include:
Poetic Speed, Kevin Matthews, Danielle Gregoire, Nathanael, Festrell, Steve Sauve, and many more.
Capital Slam 2007
Capital Poetry Collective
CPC's third live spoken word recording.
Artists include: Free Will, Kevin Matthews, Danielle Gregoire,
Nathanael, Festrell, Rusty, Billy Ruffian, and many more.
Capital Slam 2006
Capital Poetry Collective
CPC's second live spoken word recording.
Artists include: DJ Morales, Jim Thomas, Kevin Matthews, Ritallin,
Festrell, Billy Ruffian, John Akpata, and much more.
Live at Capital Slam 2005
Capital Poetry Collective
The Capital Poetry Collective proudly presents their first release.
This CD will set the new standard for live spoken word recording.
Artists include: John Akpata, DJ Morales, Steve Sauve, Kevin Matthews,
Ritallin, and more.
John Akpata
John's much anticipated new release. His full length CD
of spoken word poetry and original music.
Optimism is a Constant Struggle
Danielle Gregoire
This live spoken word CD explores Danielle's need
to find hope, love, and positivity in the everyday.
It documents her evolution over four years of competing
in Ottawa's Capital Slam from its inception in 2004 until
her departure in 2008.
The Savage Gentleman
Billy Ruffian
Spoken word that combines both poetic and narrative elements
into a coherent conceptual work.
Tree Limbs
Rob Pelletier
The "Didgeman's" exciting first release.
Rob Pelletier is the newest one man band.
Guests include: John Akpata, Katie Hurdon, Adam Pyne.
The CD That's Gonna Put Me Through College
DJ "Vocab" Morales
DJ "Vocab" Morales' first full length CD.
A showcase of Live spoken word poetry and Studio production.
A great balance of music and a capella
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The Capital Poetry Collective

2010 National Slam Champions
2009 National Slam Champions

     The Capital Poetry Collective (CPC) is a group of dedicated volunteers who are supporters and/or practitioners of spoken word poetry. The aim of the Collective is to produce series, showcases and artistic initiatives that advance the awareness of and interest in performance poetry in the National Capital Region.
     The Collective endeavours to provide: organization, collaboration, diversity, community involvement, and advocacy.
   MP3 teasers

2011..  On Music - Nathanael/WeinrothBrowne   2.24 MB (1:11)

2010..  Nigeria - OpenSecret   0.96 MB (0:29)

2009..  Laptop Love - Ian Keteku   2.21 MB (1:10)

2008..  Welcome to the Land - Marcus Jameel   1.43 MB (0:44)

2007..  Slept Like a Baby - Kevin Matthews   1.95 MB (1:00)

2006..  Talking Tea - Jim Thomas   1.17 MB (0:36)

2005..  Coffee Bean - John Akpata   1.83 MB (0:57)

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